no boys allowed

Everyone needs a Valentine but who says it has to be a guy? I got a camera and a giant stuffed teddy bear. Done & Done!

And to make things even more special, I had the chance to work with @kaileenlydia again 😊. Kaileen is one of those people who really “turns on” in front of the camera. She doesn’t need much direction and she’s down for pretty much anything- the perfect model. We met last year and I took some photos of her the week of Halloween. It was fun, but pretty last minute. This time I was able to put a bit more thought into things.

I had been wanting to shoot with a giant stuffed animal for about a year and they were finally in stores around Valentine’s Day ❤️. This is also the first time I got to shoot with my new strobe lights. I normally shoot with dark, “moody” lights so the challenge here is to create something dramatic with bright lighting. I’ve never been a very moderate person so now I’m interested in shooting super BRIGHT or super DARK. (Let’s not get stuck in the middle of the road 😉).

I was planning to return the bear to the store after using it (LOL!) but we kinda bonded. He now resides in my living room permanently. I haven’t been able to settle on a name. Suggestions?

Anyhow, it’s late and I’m deep in the midst of this website re-design. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I hope these images bring some sunshine into your day.

Kisses 💋,

EJ8A1993 edit.jpg
EJ8A2003 edit.jpg
EJ8A2011 edit.jpg
EJ8A2034 edit.jpg
EJ8A2040 edit.jpg
EJ8A2056 edit copy copy.jpg