Impromptu photo set with my friend Alex. She came over to model for my ebook, and we had some extra time to mess around and just shoot for fun. The roses are from a short-lived stint I did making full length backdrops out of fake flowers. (BTW, making a full length backdrop out of fake flowers takes DAYS and don’t even get me started on the amount of space you need to store them….not sure what I was thinking with that
endeavor 😳😂).

Enjoy the photos.


You can follow Alex on instagram: @_wildroseofficial_

quick tip: posing models

Ideas for photo shoots come pretty easily to me, but sometimes I'll get stuck on ideas for specific poses. When you’re shooting, most people will rely on you (as a photographer) for suggestions. You gotta come prepared!

Quick Tip: What I like to do before shoots is look through vintage girly magazines. The poses are universally flattering and have a fun, playful vibe.

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