Amanda Around The Globe

One sleepless night I came across a new YouTube channel, Amanda Around the Globe. Hours of viewing followed and I fell in love with her videos touching on travel, minimalist lifestyle and vegan eating on the go. For once insomnia came in handy. 

I had a chance to photograph Amanda and ask her a few questions about minimalist fashion.

When traveling, what is your most worn item of clothing?
When traveling, I most often wear a black tank top. It is so versatile and simple.

What is your favorite accessory?
I don't use too many accessories. The ones I do have tend to be souvenirs. I have a pair of blue drop earrings that I got in Cusco, Peru - these are probably my favorite accessory. I love wearing them when I feel like dressing up a bit; usually I don't wear any jewelry at all. They are such a pretty color and really pop.

Who has influenced your style?
I seem to pick up style inspiration in every culture I visit. I am always noticing styles that I like in different countries. I love the boho-style pants from Thailand especially. I have a pair that I wear almost every night.

What is a good first step in moving towards a minimalist wardrobe?
A good first step in moving toward a minimalist wardrobe is to find your style. Pick one style that you can work with, and keep clothing as neutral as possible.

You can find our more about Amanda on her blog here // And some outtakes from our shoot together are on tumblr