Photo Credits (from top): Joyce Tenneson, Abigail Heyman, Sandi Fellman, Cheri Hiser, Jacqueline Livingston, Karen Clems, SW (2 images) 

About 7 years ago I found myself browsing in a used bookstore in Long Beach, California. I bought this book on a bit of a whim. It was only $11 and I had some time to kill. I was sort of overtaken by 70's nostalgia, which makes me think-   it's strange that you can be nostalgic for a time that you didn't even live through. In/Sights: Self Portraits by Women was full of body hair and references to the women's "liberation movement".  


From the book:

"Culled from thousands of submissions, the images on these pages comprise the first analogy of self-portraits by women ever published in any art media. It is the first attempt to show what women are really seeing- and what they are saying about what they see- when the look at themselves through the cameras eye."